Texas Monthly Show Home 5br 5.5ba

"2017 Texas Monthly Gulf Coast Show Home"

Area , 5 Bedrooms, Bathrooms

Texas Monthly is partnering with Cinnamon Shore to build the Gulf Coast Show Home, bringing together classic building traditions with cutting-edge design and furnishings. This multi-generational vacation home will feature a sustainable interior and exterior building products, making the most of new technologies.

The home’s exterior will feature clean lines, simple massing, and architectural details—with a light, airy color palette that complements the coastal landscape. The home will be a private sanctuary inside, with all the modern comforts and conveniences you’d expect for today’s lifestyles. Call Cinnamon Shore Realty for a private tour today!

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Address: Port Aransas, Texas 
Phone Number: 361-749-1851 
Bathrooms: 5.50 
Contact: Cinnamon Shore Realty 

(888) 837-6090